Spine doctor Manhattan NY

Spine Doctor Manhattan NY

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Scoliosis in Manhattan NY

Spine doctor Manhattan NY
Spine doctor Manhattan NY

Our spine doctor in Manhattan NY understands that scoliosis can be a scary condition and that’s why Dr. Casden works closely with you or if it’s your child, with both of you, to diagnose, evaluate, and treat it effectively.

Although most commonly associated with occurring in the teen years, scoliosis may actually develop at any time. Females, however, are far more prone to it than males are. The reason for the onset of this condition in teens is not known. In adults, though, it might be related to excessive wear, and is thus referred to as degenerative scoliosis. The effects of it, curvature of the spine, can range from minimal to severe. Scoliosis is typically screened for in young children of school age. When it forms and progresses in a teenager, it is generally without pain, though not always. Adults, on the other hand, are considerably more likely to experience pain along with the development of it. The pain tends to be more noticeable when you stand, and subsides when you sit down. For anyone, teen or adult, who is experiencing signs of scoliosis, the first step is to be examined by our spine doctor in Manhattan NY. As part of a comprehensive checkup, Dr. Casden will probably order x-rays, which will reveal the curvature. If pain is indicated, an MRI of the whole spine will be taken. Treatment for teens ranges from none at all in the most mild cases, to braces and surgery for the more severe instances. What will determine treatment is the degree of curvature. Adults are usually treated with physical therapy and exercise, though surgery may be considered when the curvature is extreme.

Don’t hesitate to call our office when you or your child is showing signs of scoliosis. Our spine doctor in Manhattan NY can help.

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