Spine deformity NYC

Spine Deformity NYC

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If you have a spine deformity NYC, you will need a specialist who knows exactly how to diagnose, evaluate, and treat it. That’s exactly the type of service that our spine doctor, Andrew Casden, MD provides for you, our valued patient.

Kyphosis is a rounding of the upper back that is more exaggerated than normal. Other terms that have been used to describe this condition are sway back, round back, and hunchback. It may develop in the teen years or not until later in adulthood. As an adult, you are more likely to have kyphosis accompanied by pain, while teens typically have no pain or other symptoms to raise any concern, other than the existence of an unusually curved spine. In order for Dr. Casden to accurately diagnose your spine deformity NYC, x-rays, and MRI, or a CT scan will usually be required. In some cases, more than one may be needed, and your individual circumstances will dictate the proper imaging tests. If the goal is to measure the degree of spine curvature, x-rays are usually the best option. If a more in-depth look is needed from various angles, A CT scan will be the best choice. MRI is recommended for the detection of infections or tumors, however. In addition, MRI will provide a more detailed image of your spine, bone, and soft tissues. This information is very helpful when dealing with potential infections and tumors. Treatment will depend on various factors, especially the age of the patient. Teenagers will often wear a brace or the situation may require no immediate treatment. Adults are more likely to need medication and therapy.

For a spine deformity NYC, you can depend on Dr. Casden as an experienced professional who has the expertise in such situations to address it properly. Schedule an examination with our office by calling us today.

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