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Spine Deformity NYC
Spine Deformity NYC

The spine is what makes human vertebrates and keeps us erect and mobile. The spine is also the central hub for the nervous system relaying nerve impulses to and from the brain to the extremities. When this important structural part of the body has a problem such as a spine deformity NYC it takes a specially trained spine doctor such as Dr. Andrew Casden, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon that specializes in treating the spine to diagnose and relieve the pain that often accompanies spine problems.

Spine deformity NYC can happen when unnatural curvature of the spine occurs. These unnatural curves can occur due to several reasons and include conditions as scoliosis (side-to-side curvature), kyphosis (forward curvature) and Scheuermann’s disease (front-to-back curvature). It also occurs due to defect or damage to the spine. Deformities do not commonly cause pain unless the change in structure restricts movement or reduces room in the spinal canal and puts pressure on the nerves there. Scoliosis is a common spinal deformity characterized by an abnormal side-to-side curvature of the spine. The spinal curve may develop as a single curve (shaped like the letter C) or as two curves (shaped like the letter S). In children and teens, scoliosis often does not have any noticeable symptoms and may not be noticeable until it has progressed significantly. Our doctor treats scoliosis by the use of a back brace or surgery depending on the degree of deformity.

Another spine deformity NYC is kyphosis, where the normal contours of the spine are exaggerated especially when viewed from the back, which is why the deformity is often referred to sway back. Kyphosis can affect both teens and adults but stems different causes. In teens the deformity is caused by a growth disturbance in the vertebrae while in adults it is a result of compression. If the deformity progresses too far in a teen it is treated with a brace or in severe cases surgery. In adults non-surgical treatments are usually prescribed. If you suffer from back or spine issues call our office for an appointment.

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