Spine Deformity in NYC

Spine Deformity in NYC

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Treating Spine Deformities in NYC

Spine Deformity in NYC
Spine Deformity in NYC

Among the valuable spinal-related services that we offer is treatment for spine deformity in NYC, such as kyphosis, an exaggerated rounding of the upper back. This is a condition that has been referred to as sway back, round back, or hunch back. Our spine doctor will work with you from examination to diagnosis to treatment. This is a condition that can affect either teenagers or adults.

If you think you may have a spine deformity in NYC, the most common symptom of kyphosis is an abnormally curved spine, along with back stiffness and pain. However, sometimes you can have this spine deformity and yet have no obvious symptoms at all. That is generally the case with teenagers. Adults are more likely to experience pain, especially as your body attempts to adjust to a new spinal alignment.

The diagnosis of this spine deformity in NYC tends to center around imaging, specifically x-rays, MRI, and CT scans. Dr. Casden will go over the pros and cons of each, as they relate to the severity of your condition as well as your unique circumstances. A determination will be made as to which is the most appropriate path to take. For example, x-rays are helpful in measuring the degree of spine curvature and can identify vertebrae deformities. On the other hand, a CT scan (which stands for computerized tomography), will provide additional detail and images from various angles, which may be required to provide an in-depth view of what’s happening. An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is typically utilized to detect the presence of an infection or a tumor. It also gives a detailed picture of your spine, the bone, and the soft tissues, which all aid in diagnosing infections and tumors in the spine.

Treatment for this spine deformity in NYC is usually a combination of medication and therapy for adults. With teenagers, it might be the use of a brace or perhaps just simple observation. Kyphosis can be a warning sign for osteoporosis, which is something that our spine doctor will keep a close eye on. Surgery, though a last resort, is sometimes needed for both adults and teens.

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