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Spinal Surgery White Plains

Do you often hear your teen complaining of pain in their back? It may seem strange to some for kids at such a young age to already be dealing with spinal problems, but for teenagers who regularly participate in sports or live active lifestyles, these can be all too common. But back pain is more than just a nuisance that causes you to stock up on a wide selection go pain killers to relieve the ache, it can actually be a sign of a much greater problem, which could become worse without proper care. If your teenager regularly experiences back or neck pain, do not hesitate to book an appointment with your local White Plains spinal surgery for a proper diagnosis and treatment for spondylolysis.

Spondylolysis occurs when the wing-shape portions of your vertebrae experience a fracture, or are otherwise grown with a defect. These “wings” of the back are necessary to keep each vertebrae in proper alignment. When a fracture occurs or a defect becomes truly prominent, portions of the vertebrae can slip out of place, a problem which is then called spondylolisthesis. The aim of our team at your trusted White Plains spinal surgery is to quickly diagnose your son or daughter’s possible case of spondylolysis and prevent exactly that from happening through proper medical care. In mild cases teenagers can benefit from simple rest without any kind of additional care to relieve spondylolysis. In these cases the fracture is very mild, and teenagers will need to simply be relieved from sports conduct and other outdoor activities for at least three months, after which time most patients can return to the games they love with healed bones and without pain. Often times a CT scan will be required in order to fully confirm your child’s diagnosis to insure they receive the proper care for their injury. In more serious cases teens will need to be treated with a back brace while being suspended from sports activities for at least three months or as recommended by your doctor before resuming their regular activities. Surgery may be necessary in the most severe cases, but the procedure can be done with minimal invasive technique, allowing patients to be fully healed in back on the field in only three months.

Spondylolysis can progressed into a slipped vertebrae with only a simple movement, and is becoming increasingly common in teens who play tennis or do gymnastics. If your teenager is experiencing anywhere along their spines, do not hesitate to contact your professional White Plains spinal surgery for care as soon as possible. At the offices of Andrew Casden, MD your child will receive nothing less than the best in spinal care to put them back in the game.

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