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Spinal Stenosis, NYC

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Diagnosing and Treating Spinal Stenosis in NYC

Spinal Stenosis, NYC
Spinal Stenosis, NYC

A renowned board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Casden is experienced in both traditional and minimally-invasive spinal surgery. His comprehensive approach takes each patient’s lifestyle and expectations into consideration, and his approach focuses on offering the most sensible treatment options. Named a Top Doctor by US News and one of New York’s Best Doctors by New York Magazine, Dr. Casden treats both children and adults at his position at the Mount Sinai Hospital. His services include minimally invasive spinal surgery, disc replacement, revision spinal surgery, spinal fusion, scoliosis, and treatment of degenerative spinal diseases including herniated discs and spinal stenosis in NYC.

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal – the space where the spinal cord and nerves travel from the neck to the lower back. The spinal cord or spinal nerve is compressed, and pain and weakness often result. Spinal stenosis results from the accumulation of spurs of bone and enlargement of the supporting ligaments of the spine as the spine ages and degenerates over time. If spinal stenosis occurs in the neck symptoms can include weakness of the arms or legs, difficulty walking, balance issues and pain in the neck or arms. In the lower back the symptoms are usually leg pain with walking and weakness of the legs. Back pain may or may not be present. An MRI scan will confirm the diagnosis in the cervical and lumbar spine. The severity of spinal stenosis in NYC may affect the treatment suggested. If the symptoms of stenosis are mild and not interfering with the patient’s quality of life, medical treatment may not be needed. Sometimes epidural steroids may be of value. Surgery in the cervical spine may be needed to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord or spinal nerves. This can be done in several different ways depending on the location of the compression and the severity. In some cases, the surgery is performed from the back of the spine – this involves a laminectomy with removal of the bone, which may be combined with a fusion. In the lumbar spine, the surgery consists of relieving the pressure on the spinal nerves and can now be done by minimally invasive techniques. The X lift procedure increases the space for the nerves through a minimally invasive surgery performed from the side of the spine. In other situations, a laminectomy with removal of bone and ligament to make room may be a better choice. The removal of the compression results in relief of the symptoms.

Back pain can alter your quality of life if it is severe enough. To treat spinal stenosis in NYC, your best health care decision is choosing Dr. Casden as your doctor.

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