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scoliosis in NYC
scoliosis in NYC

Have you begun to notice the hem of your son or daughter’s shirt has begun to hang in an uneven fashion? Believe it or not, the problem could stem from more than just an old or worn out shirt. An uneven hemline can actually be caused by an uneven spine, due to the development of a spinal deformity. Spinal problems can happen to both children and adults alike, and in some cases can occur without causing any symptoms which a patient would recognize. Your first step to insuring healthy posture and a fit body for yourself or your children is to visit your spinal doctor for the possible diagnosis of scoliosis in NYC with the state of the art practice of Andrew Casden, MD.

Scoliosis is a spinal disorder which in most cases can occur due to causes which are not currently known to science. The most popular theory for idiopathic scoliosis is that of genetic inheritance, and as such parents should always look into their medical history before booking their son or daughters visit with their trusted spinal doctor. This form of scoliosis is most often diagnosed in children and teenagers. In these stages, pain is rarely a symptom which a child will experience. Symptoms of scoliosis in children include a waistline which is flat on one side only, ribs which appear to be higher on one side of the stomach, a shoulder blade which juts out of the back at a greater distance than the other, as well as a hip which appears to be higher than the other. Parents may also notice that their son or daughter’s head does not appear to be in perfect center. Any of these symptoms should be investigated by your expert in scoliosis in NYC.

While children may not experience back pain, adults who live with scoliosis often will. Spinal pain from scoliosis is marked specifically as pain that grows worse while standing, and finds relief when the patient is seated or otherwise in a restful position. Adults are more likely to be diagnosed with nonstructural or functional scoliosis, which occurs not due to spinal rotation, but instead is caused by a pain or muscle spasm. In rare cases, a difference in the lengths of your legs can also be to blame. The only way to know the cause of spinal pain is through a visit to your experts in scoliosis in NYC.

For the very best treatment for scoliosis in NYC, be sure to visit the welcoming offices of Andrew Casden, MD. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff provide treatment for scoliosis in all stages, from braces to spinal surgery if needed, including physical therapy and proper exercise. With the help of Andrew Casden, MD, you can find the care you need to stop scoliosis from interfering with your life.

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