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NYC Spine Deformity

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NYC spine deformity
NYC spine deformity

Your spine, or your backbone, provides your body with a significant amount of support and structure. It’s no wonder why things are metaphorically called “the backbone” of something if they provide the support and framework for an idea or an organization. The spine is composed of several smaller bones called vertebrae that are stacked atop one another interspersed with spongy discs for support. A healthy spine has gentle curves that help support it and absorb shock in order to protect it from injury, but spinal disorders can be detrimental and affect various other aspects of your health and wellbeing. If you need help with an NYC spine deformity, our spine doctor Andrew Casden, MD can help.

From the side, the spine should have slight curves to it, as already stated, and from the side the spine should look relatively straight. Abnormalities of the spine will look different, and the natural curvatures of the spine will appear misaligned or exaggerated in certain areas, but it really depends on the condition that you have and what that particular deformity entails. There are three major types of spine disorders: lordosis, kyphosis, and scoliosis. There are a variety of things that might cause these disorders to develop including achondroplasia, osteoporosis, obesity, genetics and much more. Depending on the sort of NYC spine deformity that you have, Andrew Casden, MD will diagnose you different and prescribe different treatment options. Some treatment options are fairly simple such as achieving weight loss, implementing certain exercises, or administering medication in order to reduce pain and swelling. In more severe cases a back brace may be worn for a period of time and surgery may be implemented as well. In many cases, a person’s treatment is unique to them and their needs and will likely involve a combination of the treatment options above.

If you are looking for someone who can treat an NYC spine deformity, then please visit us here at the medical offices of Andrew Casden, MD today. Dr. Casden can help when it comes to providing as accurate a diagnosis as possible when it comes to identifying the issue at hand and can provide you with the comprehensive care and treatment that you will need in order to overcome your spine deformity as well.

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