NYC spine deformity doctor

NYC Spine Deformity Doctor

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NYC spine deformity doctor
NYC spine deformity doctor

When you are looking for a doctor who specializes in spine deformity, we know that it is important that you find the best spine doctor available. For that reason, we want to assure you that Andrew Casden, MD is a highly-respected, board-certified orthopedic surgeon who is experienced in both traditional and minimally-invasive spine surgery. He has been named a top doctor by US News and one of New York’s Best Doctors by New York Magazine. Dr. Casden is the doctor you will want to see when you are looking for an expert NYC spine deformity doctor.
Dr. Casden is adept in treating many different kinds of spine problems, including scoliosis. Our NYC spine deformity doctor treats many patients who suffer from scoliosis, a deformity of the spine. Scoliosis is a spine problem in which the spine, which should be straight, develops a curve. When viewed from behind this can be easily seen. However, cases can range from subtle to severe curvature. Scoliosis can appear in different areas of the spine; either the thoracic area or the lumbar area. Scoliosis generally can be detected in the early teens, but it can become obvious at any age. Also, it is interesting to note that scoliosis is more commonly found in girls rather than in boys. Scoliosis is usually discovered in teens when they are screened for the problem during an annual physical exam. However, some schools screen for this disorder as well. When scoliosis is found in a child, there is usually no obvious cause. When an adult develops scoliosis, it can be due to excessive wear, and is usually diagnosed as degenerative scoliosis.
When a teen has scoliosis, they usually do not have any pain from the condition. Adults with the condition often have pain upon long periods of standing. Once someone is diagnosed with scoliosis, they should be x-rayed to determine the severity of the problem. Our NYC spine deformity doctor will determine a course of treatment for his scoliosis patient, depending on their age and the degree of the problem. In slight curves, less than ten degrees, no treatment is needed. For more advanced curves, our doctor may prescribe the use of a brace. If a case is very sever, Dr. Casden may recommend surgery to improve the curve and stop the curve from worsening. In most adult cases, physical therapy is extremely helpful. However, if the adult is experiencing a lot of pain, surgery may be recommended. If you or a family member are in need of an excellent, highly-respected spine doctor, then you will want to call our practice today for an appointment with Dr. Andrew Casden.

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