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NYC Spinal Fusion

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Expert Spine Doctor in NYC

NYC Spinal Fusion
NYC Spinal Fusion

If you have been suffering with back pain, you may have already seen a doctor regarding your condition. Suffering from back pain can negatively affect the quality of your life. Not only can you not participate in your favorite sport, but you may not even be able to sit or sleep comfortably. Sometimes it is necessary to have an advanced surgical procedure performed, called spinal fusion. Our spine doctor performs this complex surgery on a regular basis for patients who need this treatment. When you want to see a spine doctor who specializes in NYC spinal fusion, come see us at our practice, Andrew Casden, MD.

At our practice, our highly-trained and highly-regarded spine doctor is Dr. Andrew M. Casden. Dr. Casden is a board certified orthopedic spine surgeon. He is also Associate Professor of Orthopedics at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. At our practice our doctor provides both NYC spinal fusion surgery as well as minimally-invasive spinal surgery. Dr. Casden will work with each patient to help determine the approach that offers the most sensible treatment option for that patient. Dr. Casden will take into account each patient’s lifestyle and expectations before recommending treatment.

When our doctor performs NYC spinal fusion, the goal of the surgery is to join two or more vertebrae in the lower back. This type of surgery is a major surgery, and lasts several hours. When spinal surgery is performed there are two different ways it can be done: bone can be taken from the pelvic bone or from a bone bank, or metal implants are used to hold the two vertebrae together until new bone grows between them. After this spinal fusion surgery you can expect to stay in the hospital for several days. However, when you get home you will generally not require bed rest, though you will most likely undergo intense rehabilitation. Spinal surgery is sometimes done as a stand-alone surgery, or as a follow-up after surgery that was used to treat spinal stenosis, herniated discs, or injury. Other services that are provided by our expert spine doctor are treatment of: lumbar herniated disc; cervical herniated disc; spinal stenosis; spondylolisthesis; spondylolysis; degenerative disc disease; scoliosis; and kyphosis. If you would like to see our doctor, please contact our office today for an appointment.

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