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Treating Spine Deformities in NYC
Treating Spine Deformities in NYC

While you may have been vaguely aware that scoliosis is a curvature of the spine, now that you or your child has been potentially diagnosed with one of the variations of scoliosis including; congenital, neuromuscular, degenerative or idiopathic, by either your pediatrician or general practice physician, you are in need of an expert NYC scoliosis doctor. Andrew Casden, MD has an extensive background from advanced education and professional affiliations to multiple licenses and certifications, but importantly, Dr. Casden is available to meet with you to discuss and examine the unique spinal treatment needs of you or your child.


Among the first steps in the treatment of scoliosis by NYC scoliosis doctor, Andrew Casden, MD, will first be to utilize x-rays to determine the severity of curvature in the spine and may also require a complete MRI if the patient has persistent pain.   Once these results are available, Dr. Casden can make professional determinations and recommendations regarding treatment. Your specific needs will be discussed during an examination or consultation in our office, but as a general guide if your spinal curve is less than ten degrees, it is fairly common that no treatment will be administered. A brace may be recommended for those who suffer a more moderate curve while the most severe cases may indicate need for surgery to not only improve the curve, but to reduce further progression. Additional options for adult patients of scoliosis may include exercise, physical therapy or other non-invasive treatments.


To find out more about our practice as well as additional services provided, the vast professional background and experience of NYC scoliosis doctor, Andrew Casden, MD or to contact us for an appointment, please visit our website. For your convenience a number of our new patient forms may also be completed from our website prior to your visit to our office. We can also be reached by telephone at (914) 946-1010 and a knowledgeable member of our professional team will also be able to schedule your visit or answer a number of your pre-appointment questions and concerns including accepted insurance plans and methods of payment.

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