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Discectomy Treatment in NYC

NYC Discectomy
NYC Discectomy

If you have a back or spine problem, you will definitely want to see our expert spine doctor, Dr. Andrew Casden. Dr. Casden specializes in the surgical treatment of herniated discs, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis and degenerative disease of the spine. Many times the patient can be treated with a NYC discectomy.

Many of our patients can be treated with a discectomy treatment when they are having painful disk problems. A discectomy is the surgical removal of all or of part of a herniated disc. This is performed to remove pressure on the nerve root or from the spinal cord. The spinal disc is located between each vertebra of the spine. It actually acts as a cushion that will protect your spine. However when a disk becomes herniated, it can end up pressing against the spinal cord, or against the nerves. A NYC discectomy will relieve the nerve compression, and therefore the pain, that is caused by a herniated disc.

At our practice, Andrew Casden, MD, our surgeon often provides discectomy treatment for our patients. The different types of discectomies that can be performed are: cervical discectomy; lumbar discectomy; sacral discectomy; and thoracic discectomy. All of these procedures involve the removal of the disc in different areas including your neck, lower back, and the pelvic or hip bones, and in the middle of the back. Our surgeon will be sure to review your individual situation with you, and try to offer other treatment options before this operation is performed. Symptoms of a herniated disc in the neck may include a sudden onset of pain or numbness traveling down from the neck. Difficulty with walking, or weakness of the arms or legs may be included. There may or may not be neck pain. An MRI will be used to confirm the diagnosis of a herniated disc, regardless of the affected area. Herniated discs can be sometimes treated with physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and even steroids. There are many different types of treatment available for herniated discs. Our surgeon will take great care to definitively diagnose your individual situation, and then make specific recommendations for your treatment. It may be that certain treatment options are tried for a while to see if your condition improves. Surgery is always done as a last option, and only when it is definitely needed. If you would like to meet with our doctor regarding getting a NYC discectomy, contact us today

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