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Many of us may remember being screened for scoliosis as a child, but not quite remembering what that actually means. Scoliosis is a condition of the spine where in which the straightness of the spine develops a curve when viewed from behind. While you may remember being tested for this condition, you may not know what the presence of scoliosis means or that it can even develop later in life. No matter what your spinal concerns, Andrew Casden, MD is here to serve your spinal needs. Visit our New York City spine surgeon to determine whether you have a present condition or whether a previous diagnosis of mild scoliosis is developing in any way.

The curvature of the spine can cause several complications. It can decrease lung capacity, can slow the action of the nerves in some cases, and most often results in an uneven nature seen throughout the body. These can result in uneven hips, arms or legs of differing lengths, a prominent shoulder blade or rib (where one of the two sticks out or protrudes more than the other), or uneven musculature on one side of your spine. Some people can develop scoliosis as a child while development of the body is still occurring rapidly, which is why it is often tested in grade, middle and high school. There is no clear cause for this type of scoliosis but is often linked to a genetic reason. Other conditions can include neuromuscular disease. In any of these cases, you may want to schedule a visit at Andrew Casden, MD.

A visit, and possibly a surgery, with our New York City spine surgeon can solve many of your problems. The affects of scoliosis can affect the body greatly and are felt everyday when conducting everyday activities. Not only does scoliosis affect our health and physical comfort, but it also affects our appearance. Even if you are diagnosed with mild scoliosis and do not require surgery, Dr. Casden can direct you to other treatment options that can make your life more comfortable. A consultation and a possible surgery conducted by Dr. Casden could change your life for the better.

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