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Micro disectomy in NYC

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Micro disectomy in NYC
Micro disectomy in NYC

If you have a herniated disc, it’s undoubtedly causing you pain, possibly severe. Our spine doctor, Andrew Casden, MD, understands that quick relief is your highest priority, but that you also want a solution that is safe and effective. That’s possible with our micro disectomy in NYC, a procedure in which a special microscope is used, allowing Dr. Casden to get a clear view of the disc and the surrounding nerves. It’s a more advanced and less invasive version of the disectomy. The object is to relieve the pressure on the nerve root and/or spinal cord that is the cause of your pain.

One of the benefits to micro disectomy in NYC is that it allows our spine doctor to make a smaller incision thanks to the better view that is possible with the microscope. As a result, there is less trauma caused to the surrounding tissue. Sometimes, as part of the process, a laminetomy is also done. This is where a small piece of the laimna bone is removed in order to permit better and less obstructed access to your herniated disc. The procedure is typically done in a hospital setting and most often requires an overnight stay.

Another advantage of the surgery is that you won’t need to be inactive for any significant period of time. In fact, as soon as the numbness from your anesthesia wears off from our micro disectomy in NYC, you should be able to get up and walk around. It is helpful to your recovery and recommended. Prescription pain relievers may be necessary during your healing. Over time, you’ll begin to exercise again and engage in other normal activities. Depending on your unique circumstances, your recovery may include physical therapy and/or exercises that you can do on your own at home.

Within a few weeks, you should be able to return to work (although if you do a physical job, it could be as long as a couple of months). Our micro disectomy in NYC has an impressive rate of success. Dr. Casden will discuss with you whether this surgery is right for you along with the risks involved, as in the case with any kind of procedure.

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